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What exactly does an agent do?

An agent represents their clients, promoting them to casting directors and applying for all suitable jobs, primarily through the Spotlight casting platform, and hopefully securing them auditions. If a client gets a part, an agent will negotiate the deal and will then collect payment on the client's behalf, usually deducting commission for their work. 

Is having an agent a guarantee of work?

No - Maddie's Talent Management will do their best to secure opportunities for every client, but we can't make any promises. Keeping your profiles up to date including recent achievements and performing arts experiences will ensure that you are best placed to be chosen for a casting or audition.  Just getting an audition opportunity is an achievement in itself from the hundreds and sometimes thousands who apply, and being shortlisted/recalled even better.

How often will I get auditions?

Its impossible to say. Shows, films and TV series are constantly going into production. Whilst there are opportunities out there, there is also a lot of very good competition. Sometimes we have had clients invited to castings twice in one weel, then heard nothing for months. Others don't hear anything for a while but they when they do, they land a large job which runs for a few days or weeks! It is very unpredictable. As long as you and your agent are proactive every day in looking for an applying for all suitable opportunities and you are well prepared for auditions, as you get known and develop yourself through continuous training and experience, you will succeed.

Will all auditions be in London?

Our auditions are mainly in London and usually at one-three day's notice. We  will  try to get a convenient time slot for you.

How will I find out about an audition?

We will phone and email you to confirm you are able to make it and to give you all the details. In some situations, there will be script (known as sides) to look at and prepare which we will email through to you. Depending on how much script, ideally you should memorise these but if there isn't time or the script is extensive, it is acceptable to read from the script, whilst looking up as much as possible as the audition panel and using expression and movement to bring the script to life.  Attending an audition when you are not fully prepared appears unprofessional, but more importantly can be a negative experience for you. Treat every audition as a learning experience and de-brief with us afterwards to discuss what went well and what you could have done differently. Always bring our contact details and your measurements and availability to every audition (you can note these on your phone) as often there will be many people auditioning from different agencies on the day and you will be asked to fill out a form to provide this information.

Will I be told at the audition if I have a recall?

No.  The casting director will call us directly if they want to proceed to the next stage, known as a recall or a pencil. You should not try to contact them directly under any circumstances as the relationship is with the agent. Generally you will not hear at all.

Will I get feedback if I get the part?

Due to the high volume of actors that casting directors will see for one role, they simply don't have time to offer individual feedback for everyone, so it is very rare to receive feedback.

Any other questions?

Let us know what your concerns and questions are and we will include them here!

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